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So sorry there hasn’t been a post since last Saturday! I was sick for a week and with these last 10 days of Ramadhan upon us, I’ve been so busy at mosque! I also took a blogging break from the 19th to the 21st night of Ramadhan as those days are for mourning the death of the successor of the Prophet, Imam Ali (AS). Then the 23rd night is Laylatul Qadr so I didn’t have a chance to sit down and just blog. But ahhhh, feels so good right now!

Now, I hate to lie or beat around the bush, and obviously I hate not having great and new content for you all, but this week, it’s been tough. BUT, there are a lot of Ramadhan outfits I’ve had that I haven’t shared with you all on here. So I thought, why not make an ‘Outfit of the Week’ style post with a collection of my Ramadhan outfits for different events for some inspiration for these last couple of days!

My Ramadhan style basically consists one of one thing – maxi skirts! When I’m fasting, I’m normally too tired or too busy/rushed when it comes to picking an outfit to go to the mosque/iftaar/suhoor that I just run to my default maxi skirt collection and grab-and-go! Maxi skirts are so versatile and you look so put together but you’re really just comfy hehe. You can create endless outfit combinations and each time, you can have a different look.
Just had to include this disclaimer before I share the pictures! LOL

I also added a Style Tip with each outfit to give you a little bit of insight into the behind-the-scenes working of my brain when I chose these outfits and why they worked. I hope these tips are useful when you choose your own unique outfits!

Without further ado, I present to you some of #myramadhanootns from this Holy Month. Total hashtag reference and shoutout to my girl Fatema from StyleByFJ who has her annual #myramadhanootn hashtag so you can share all your Ramadhan outfits! If you haven’t already, make sure to use this hashtag next time you share a picture :))

Flowy Pants and Maxi Cardigan

I thought I’d ease into the plethora of maxi skirt outfits with an outfit consisting of….PANTS! I know, shocker!
This outfit was from my first iftaar of Ramadhan at one of my good friend’s house. I was super excited for Ramadhan so of course, I wanted to dress up, but I didn’t want to show that I dressed up. I wanted to dress up without looking too dressed up!

Hence, I chose to wear a casual piece – the blue printed pants, with a more understated but fancy piece – the lace cardigan.

Style Tip – By incorporating more casual and formal pieces together in one outfit, it makes the outfit fancy, but not overly dressed up.
I wore a white blouse and a plain light blue hijab for a classy finish to the look. I really liked how this outfit turned out!

IMG_3263 IMG_3267 IMG_3272

Outfit Details:
Lace Cardigan – Kabayare Fashion
White Blouse – Forever 21
Printed Pants – Urban Planet
Hand chain and Shoes – Aldo
Hijab – Dara Boutique

Contrasting Colours – Subtle Print with a Pop

Now this outfit was totally a last minute outfit! And I’m not exaggerating! I think I ended up taking a nap or getting too caught up in something and then I noticed my dad getting ready and I’m like, oh God, I need to get dressed!! Maxi dresses are also a trusty staple in my wardrobe so I chose one dress I bought on a summer sale last year but never had the chance to wear in the warm weather. It’s a navy blue maxi dress with white polka dots. Instead of just wearing a navy long-sleeve tshirt underneath, I wanted to add some colour to the look. So I threw on a mustard cardigan and was out the door.

Style Tip – When mixing prints and adding in new colours, work with an understated print. With small and more subtle prints, add a contrasting yet complimentary colour to liven up the outfit, but not be too overpowering to the eye. The simple and small polka dot print works well with the mustard cardigan. The mustard colour isn’t too bright and overwhelming so both work together nicely.


Outfit Details:
Cardigan – Zara
Dress – Joe Fresh
Hijab – Dara Boutique

Patriotic – Canada Day Ootd

Oh Canadaaaa, our home and native land! True patriot love, in all thy son’s command!

Okay, can we just take a second to appreciate the fact that I know the Canadian anthem LOL. I’m a Floridian so, this is an accomplishment :’)
For Canada Day, I thought I’d be a little festive and wear a Red and White outfit! Too bad only a couple other people at mosque were wearing Red and White too, but a lot of people appreciated my outfit so it’s all good 😉

I just wore my red skirt from Dara Boutique. My favourite part about this skirt is that it’s fully lined with a double lining AND it has pockets. WIN. Threw on a white cropped blouse and a black and white hijab for some contrast. Lastly, added a silver necklace for some bling and I was out the door!

Style Tip – Sometimes, it’s nice to just wear plain and simple colours and then add a slight contrast with the hijab. Then, work with the accessories to tie the look together. The silvery-black look of this tribal necklace helped to incorporate the black from the hijab into the outfit and balanced out the bold contrast without being too matching.


Outfit Details:
White Blouse top – Forever 21
Red Skirt – Dara Boutique
Hijab – Ardene
Necklace and Shoes – Aldo

Sweet and Simple – Ice Cream Outfit

I’m on the Youth Committee of my mosque and we planned a Cafe Night for all the youth Sisters where we had a cafe setting with fresh milkshakes of 4 flavours, cute snacks, and board games. We even had these cool tablecloths that everyone could write/draw on and it was just a really fun and cute event. We had around 50 girls show up, ages 8-25 and it was a really big hit!

Now, since this event was a cafe night, I thought I’d wear a super cutesy outfit hehe. When I was younger, I used to love the colour pairing of Brown and Pink, I always thought it was really classy. My favourite shirt in middle school was brown with pink flowers! So I thought I’d revive my childhood with this brown and pink outfit. Everyone on Instagram was saying I looked like the Napoleon ice-cream, which I totally didn’t recognize when I chose it, but I definitely agree!

Style Tip – Draw inspiration for outfits from your environment! It could be anything really! See a pattern or design of a plate or fabric you like – use those colours in your outfit. The world around us is beautiful subhanallah, so take a look and use Allah’s vibrant creations as your inspiration!

I think my signature pose was definitely on point with this outfit <3

Outfit Details:
Brown Tshirt – Target
Skirt – Vero Moda
Hijab – Ardene
Necklace – Costa Blanca

Bright and Summery – Florals

What is summer without a nice floral print to brighten your day?! But actually, I totally associate floral prints with summer and it makes me so happy and automatically makes everything more fun.

The big versus small floral print is still undecided in my books. I normally go for a smaller floral because it’s the more safe option. But, in my Eid Guide – Decor, Outfits, and Gift Ideas post, I totally rocked a ball gown skirt with big flowers on it! So it’s definitely up to you and your personal preference! When I saw this skirt online, I knew I had to have it because it just made me feel good and happy :$ Because the skirt was already good enough on it’s own, I just wore a simple navy blouse and a white hijab to draw in the more neutral colours from the skirt.

Style Tip 1 –  When wearing a more busy and ‘crazy’ print, draw in the more neutral colours for the other pieces in the outfit. For example, this skirt has small floral print, but it’s still all over with a bright yellow colour. Hence, for my top and hijab, I wore the neutral colours of navy and white instead of the yellow hues. This helps to tone down the outfit and keep the attention on the print.

Style Tip 2 –  Wear prints and pieces that make you feel happy in that season. Florals are definitely my favourite summer piece, so I never hesitate to wear them in the Summer because I know once Winter rolls around, I’m not going to feel like wearing them anymore.  I know this isn’t much of a “tip”, but honestly, I chose to wear this skirt because the colours are just so vibrant and scream summer to me!


Outfit Details:
Navy Blouse – Nygard
Skirt – Dorothy Perkins (UK)
Hijab – Dara Boutique

Alright, and there you have it! Some of my favourite outfits from this Ramadhan! I’d love to hear your feedback and if you find my Style Tips helpful! Please let me know if you’d like to see more of these chill posts where we can just chat about how I choose my outfits and any other advice I have!

Thanks for all the support! Wanna see more outfits from my life – follow me on Instagram and Like HH on Facebook!

Lots of Love! Please remember me in your prayers in these last few nights of this Holy Month and inshallah I will do the same!


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