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I have started a new series on my site called “What to Wear”! I love starting new series because I feel like it’s opening a new door to endless possibilities of blogging and creating many more opportunities for new and different content on HijabiHeroes! I did a post that would fit into this series quite recently – my Formal Wear Outfit Ideas Guide – but I am officially launching the new series today! (LOL sounds so fancy!)

When many events or occasions come up, I get a lot of questions from friends and family about what they should wear and outfit ideas that would be fitting and appropriate for said occasion. Hence, I did the formal wear post and now I’m going to do one about Camps and Cottages! Yep, you read the title correctly! I went to a retreat two weeks ago and for the week leading up to it, all my friends would talk to me about was what I was going to wear and what they should wear LOL. That got me thinking – It seems like some people could benefit from this!

Now, this may seem like a No-Brainer – just wear some comfy sweats and you’re good to go! But sweatpants aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and being modest is also something to remember.  I for one personally struggle with wearing sweatpants LOL. I mean, I love them and practically live in them when I’m at home, but I always have trouble styling them when I’m in public. I find it hard to be modest and look and feel good at the same time. Hence, with these outfit ideas, I hope to strike a balance between comfortable, cute, and modest, but mostly comfortable of course! 🙂

This is the campsite we attended during the long weekend!

Outfit Idea 1: Comfy Jeans

Okay, I know jeans are standard, but they’re not always the most comfortable if you’re wearing them for long periods of time and for a lot of running around. As much as I love skinny jeans, it can get really hot during the day and participating in a lot of activities only leads to a sticky mess. Hence, I recommend wearing a pair of looser, very comfortable jeans. They don’t have to be super baggy or ‘boyfriend’ jeans, but maybe opt for a straight cut instead of a skinny fit.

These light wash jeans shown below are quite loose, without being overwhelmingly big. They’re super comfortable and allow air to flow in and out, keeping me cool throughout the day.

I wore my jeans with a denim shirt, as denim on denim is a big summer trend. (See fashionable and comfortable can work!)

A stop from our long road trip to the camp site!




Outfit Idea 2: Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are a really easy, one stop fix to any outfit trouble! (Literally, because they’re one piece of clothing :’) ). Jumpsuits made from lightweight, flowy material are the best option! They’re super easy to style as you probably just have to throw a cardigan on top and they keep you from getting too hot. They’re a simple and great piece because you’re still put together but you’re also very cozy and casual all at the same time!

I styled this black and white jumpsuit with a gray cardigan and a plain coloured hijab to add some colour to the outfit!

IMG_5442 IMG_5415


Outfit Idea 3: Track Pants

Ahh, the track pant. Cousin to the sweat pant, identical twin to the comfort they bring! I find track pants a good alternative to sweat pants, for many reasons. Not only are they still comfortable and perfect for activities, sports, and games, but they’re also easier to style. Track pants can be of a slimmer, more tailored fit, and thus, easier to wear a looser, more modest fitting top with them. The problem I find with sweatpants are that they can be really baggy, so it’s hard to wear a loose shirt with them because there’s no balance or structure in the outfit. With track pants, you can wear a bigger top because the two pieces balance each other out.

I kid you not, probably 70% of the people at the camp I went to two weeks ago all had the Adidas Slim Fit pants! No kidding! I mean, they’re really comfortable and quite stylish, giving off a sporty and chill vibe without looking too much like pajamas 😛

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a full outfit picture with my track pants but my friend Kulsoom wore some during archery! Her outfit perfectly exemplifies this tip! Her baggy shirt compliments the slimmer fitting track pants and the look is totally casual and fitting for the activity!


Exhibit A: Adidas Slim Fit Pants aha:) Zohra, Mohaddisa, Me, and Nida <3

Outfit Idea 4: Maxi Cardigans/Long Hoodies

This is actually my favourite idea and the best advice I could give anyone on this topic. Maxi. Cardigans. My love. Honestly, maxi cardigans are the solution to the hijabi’s everyday struggle. LOL.
But actually, maxi cardigans are so versatile and not all of them are thick and heavy, so they’re perfect for the day time. The warmer ones are definitely a great option at night, especially to snuggle up next to the bonfire! Maxi cardigans are perfect because you can literally wear anything and just throw a maxi cardigan on top and the outfit is completely modest and put together with 0 effort required. They work on top of jeans, track pants, sweat pants, harem pants, slouchy pants, ANYTHING! Can you tell I’m obsessed?!

Zip-up Hoodies are a great and similar substitute for sports and other active situations. I found this long zip up hoodie at Sport Chek last year and I was beyond excited! It’s perfect for playing sports and games because it’s the same concept as a maxi cardigan as you’re still modest and dressed appropriately for the situation.

I wore my zip-up over sweatpants and my “Just Dua It” Tshirt 🙂

My friend Nida wore her super cute and comfy maxi cardigan a lot during the camp and she totally had that look all figured out. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any full outfit shots of her in it 🙁
I do have a picture of my other friend Fatima wearing a longer cardigan so I decided to add that in!


Long hoodies come to the rescue for sports and outdoor activities 🙂


Outfit Idea 5: Harem Pants

My favourite type of pants – Harem pants! They are super slouchy yet totally acceptable and hence, are still modest and stylish! Harem pants give the vibe that “hey, I know how to be casual and fashionable, I got this whole thing down” 🙂

I simply tuck in a plain tshirt into mine and wore a super light cardigan on top! You can still do activities in them or take a stroll on the dock, but you’re not overdressed or uncomfortable either!

They’re definitely one of my summer wardrobe essentials to keep you cool and protect you from the sticky feeling you get with tighter pants. They’re also really easy to style so you don’t have to worry about anything super difficult when you’re at a camp or retreat!


Outfit Idea 6: Plaid

Plaid shirts are one of the best yet casual tops that you could own. They’re simple yet enough. They’re casual yet put together. They’re just the right amount of cute yet comfort.

My cousin totally rocked her plaid shirt at the camp and it was a wise decision!


Outfit Idea 7: Maxi Skirt and Jean Jacket

You really think I would’ve let you go that easily eh?! Come on, what’s a HijabiHeroes post without a Jean Jacket-Maxi Skirt power combo?!

This is definitely ‘fancier’ so it’s more suitable for the evening times, the closing event, or big dinner. When my family and I go to the cottage, we always have a nice big dinner designated on one of the nights, so therefore, I thought it was worth including this look too!

There’s not much to say about this really. Any time you pair a maxi skirt or dress with a jean jacket on top, you’re literally set. They’re the best duet 🙂


And that’s a wrap, folks! I hope this was helpful and that my tips can benefit you in some form or another! The best part of camps is that everyone is equally as sleep-deprived as you are, so no one really cares about what you wear 😛 But honestly, being comfortable is of number one priority! I just like to feel a little bit nicer while also being comfortable 🙂 Long live sweat pants though 🙂

Lots of love and Speak to you soon!


~Where Style and Modesty Save the Day!~

“So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?” – Surah Rahman <3


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