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Recently (and by recent I really mean the middle of March whoops) I have been trying to reorganize the way I store my hijabs. To no avail of course lol, but I did realize that I have a lot of hijabs! Yes, mind-blowing, I know! But I really like all of the ones I have! The only problem is, I never get to wear them all. I either forget that I own a particular hijab or I wear a couple of my favourites over and over again aha! Hence, I’ve been trying to find a way to wear my many hijabs, but not necessarily on my head 😛

I decided that a great solution for this would be to incorporate scarves in my outfits but as accessories! I know, I keep blowing you away with these crazy and unknown facts! Anyways, I thought I would share some of ways I wear hijabs as scarves! It’s actually a great way to incorporate textures and prints into your outfits but in a more casual way as opposed to jewelry. Also, it’s nice to change it up sometimes 🙂

You can totally transform a more plain or typical outfit by adding a nice scarf around your neck! Also, depending on how you style your scarf, you can create a casual, more formal, and an in-between look! Therefore, I want to share these three styles with you all!

Style 1: Casual

This was actually me when I put together this outfit: z_z. This can translate into “Too tired for life” LOL
But really! I love my plaid shirts, don’t get me wrong, I mean I even wrote a whole HOW TO STYLE post about them 😉 But, this day I felt like taking my plaid shirt to the next level haha! Of course I was way too tired for this so I came up with draping my scarf around my neck like a nice blanket! Very convenient I know 😉

This pretty sky blue hijab is from Dara Boutique!

So comfortable and effortless!

IMG_2740 IMG_2731 IMG_2729

Outfit Details:
Black Hijab – Ardene
Blue Hijab – Dara Boutique
Plaid Shirt – Old Navy
Black Jeans – H&M
Boots – The Bay

Style 2: Formal

Now this look really isn’t that formal, but it’s definitely more put together! I simply threw my scarf over my shoulder as if I was a fashion critique from Devil Wears Prada! LOL just kidding! It’s quite self-explanatory but I just draped one end of the scarf around my neck and loosely crossed the other end of the scarf on my other shoulder. I like this look because it gives the outfit a more classy feel!

I also left some room so my necklace would show 😉


Black Hijab – Ardene
Printed Scarf – Ardene
Sweater – H&M
Skirt – Target
Boots – The Bay

Style 3: In-Between

This last style is a nice sophisticated mix between a casual and more formal look. I love the versatility of this scarf style and how it can work to spice up a casual outfit or tone down a more classy outfit! I’ve worn this style for years now and I love how each scarf makes this style look different every time!

All you have to do is drape the scarf around your neck with the two ends at equal lengths. Then you just simply tie a knot at each end and there you go! I used this style to liven up my classic maxi skirt outfit!

IMG_1712 IMG_1731 IMG_1728 IMG_1724

Outfit Details:
White Hijab – Dara Boutique
Printed Scarf – Dara Boutique
Gray sweater – Hollister
Gray Skirt – RW&Co
Boots – The Bay

And that’s a wrap!  I hope you like these three simple and effortless styles and I hope these are useful in helping you wear your scarves in a different way!

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