CAMP TAHA! Outfits of the week?! :)

Hi cuties!

Long time! We hope you had an amazing Eid and we hope you’re enjoying your summer!

ZAINAB AND MALIKAH WERE REUNITED! After one year of separation, we were reunited for 2 weeks at Camp Taha in Michigan! We are both cabin counselors and had such a great time.

Now that we were finally together, we actually got to to take each other’s outfit pictures! It’s so funny, we would always go to each other in the morning and ask each other about our outfits. Our other cabin counselor, Layla, always laughed at us and said, “Wow, it’s so weird to see HijabiHeroes in action!”
We also LOVED seeing all our amazing friends after such a long time. We miss them all so so much!!! We got to take all of their pictures just to add to this special post! They were so cute and on the first day, so many of them kept telling us  “OMG IT’S HIJABIHEROES!”

So thank you so much for all of the support! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Our way to say thank you this big outfit post of all the amazing outfits worn at Camp Taha! For all of you lovelies at home, we hope this post gives you some outfit inspiration and ideas!


Malikah’s person, Zainab’s clothes LOL This photo was taken from the deck at camp! Miss the view!


Zainab’s favorite cobalt blue!


Hoda is so cute! Check out her amazing blog!






The one picture we managed to get together. And Zainab wasn’t even paying attention!
IMG_5975 Our favorite Fatima 🙂


A candid of all three counselors. We just had to show Layla’s amazing shirt off! *sarcasm* eh it’s okay we love her.


Classic camp outfit. Bright maxi and favorite jean jacket!


It was so much fun being together again. It was so amazing to see everyone again. We already can’t wait for next year!! Thank you again for all the love and support shown by everyone!!

Make sure to check out our friend Hoda’s blog! She’s super cute and has some amazing ideas/DIYS!

~Where Style and Modesty Save the Day!

Malikah and Zainab

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