DIY Decor Wall Art!

Good Morning Sunshines!

Before I begin, Zainab and I would just like to thank everyone who has supported us with our blog and our new instagram page so far! We already have 85 followers on that page alhamdulillah and everyday, that number keeps growing! We’ve also been featured twice on the Instagram account – GorgeousHijabis! So make sure to help that sister out too by following her – @gorgeoushijabis! Thank you all soooo much! <3

Okay moving on from the sappy stuff (already saw too much from Valentine’s Day yesterday LOL!), this week I had a day off from school because the Grade 9s  and 10s were writing a practice exam for Ontario. Completely random considering we all just found out last Thursday, but hey, no complains right 😉

Therefore, instead of working on my business report  (which I did end up doing!), I decided to do something productive (ahem ahem) by making something to hang up! It’s a decor piece and found my inspiration for this on Pinterest! Here’s what it looks like!

The final piece!

It was super simple! I found all my materials from the Dollar Store! Yay for Canadian Dollarama:)
– Canvas
– Paint
– Gems/Buttons
– Foam Paint Brush
– Ruler and Pencil
– Painter’s Tape (Just used to help paint the straight lines)
– Glue Gun

I decided to use gold paint because I was using pink gems and thought they would look nice together! You can also use buttons, like I am using to make another one like this, but I already had pink gems at home and I just wanted to try it out before using the buttons.

Main Materials
Yes, I used a mat from when I was a baby that I always put under any art or craft projects lol :$
My Stripes!

I first measured the length of my canvas and decided the pattern I wanted to make. My canvas is 10 inches long and my painters tape is 1 inch, therefore I lightly made 10 1-inch markings on my canvas with the pencil and ruler and then made my stripes with the tape from there. The great thing about the painters tape on the canvas is that you can easily remove and change its location without any damage to the canvas or any trouble at all. So if you mess up, no worries, you can just move it around and you’ll be good! I had to change my tape lines too lol! At the end, I was able to have 5 stripes of white and five of gold.

After 5 coats of paint and no tape!
2 coats of paint!

After, I just started to paint! For the paint I was using and the final colour I desired to have, I needed to paint around 4-5 coats of the gold. But, the paint dried VERY quickly, so it didn’t take long at all actually!

After I was done painting, I decided what pattern I wanted to make my gems in. I wanted to make a heart because I thought it would look cute so I decided to grab a scrap piece of construction paper and folded it in half. I drew out half a heart and then cut it out. Yes, I know Kindergarten style here, but hey, I got a symmetrical heart in the end! 😛 I took the outline of the piece I just cut and centred in on my canvas and taped it on with the painters tape. This acted as my guide to glue the outline of the heart in gems to make sure I would have the same shape as intended!

My heart outline/stencil
The outline with gems
The final creation!

After that, I just started to glue my gems around the border and after I made about two layers, I removed the stencil I made. Super easy just a little time consuming if you’re like me and get distracted easily lol! Nonetheless, this is how it turned out!

I hope you guys enjoyed this long post! I know this diy project is super easy and simple and you probably didn’t really need a step-by-step on it, but here you go LOL! I hope it was helpful and I hope it inspired you to get creative! I really like this piece because it adds a cute twist to your room and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on fancy decorations – personalize your room and make it something special!

Have a great weekend lovelies!

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