DIY Face Mask!

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Speaking for myself, some days my skin just needs a little uplifting! Here’s a super duper easy face mask to make at home with ingredients EVERYONE has! (no lie though)
This face mask really helps to exfoliate your skin, clear out your pores, and get rid of blackheads!
After, your skin will glow, feel fresh and soft, and overall, leave you with a nice minty fresh look!

There are only 2 ingredients needed for this! I wasn’t lying when I said it was going to be simple πŸ™‚
All you need is Toothpaste and Salt!
Grab a bowl, and put 2 parts salt to 1 part toothpaste. I used about 4 teaspoons of salt and 2 teaspoons of toothpaste. This made enough for both my mom and I to use this mask.

Just mix in these two with a spoon and fold the salt into the toothpaste. I promise it will all come together! Once mixed, add about a teaspoon of water and you’re good to go!

One important thing before you apply the mask on your face! Wet a facecloth with HOT water and place it on your face. This is crucial as it will open up your pores and allow the mask to work its magic.

Apply the mask evenly on your face. Avoid the eye area!! Salt burns open wounds so you wouldn’t want to get this near your eyes, not even lids or anything!

Leave it on for five minutes and wash your face with lukewarm water. Maximum use is once a week as the mask can be harsh on the skin at times. At the end, your face may look a little red – not to worry, the redness will fade in a couple minutes! Make sure to moisturize when you’re done to prevent any dryness and keep your skin healthy!

Super easy, quick, and inexpensive! Most importantly, remember to embrace your natural beauty and feel comfortable in your own skin! <3

The two simple ingredients!
Mixing the salt with the toothpaste
All mixed in before adding the water
The final product!

If you tried this mask out, let me know your results! Also, if you know of any other face masks, comment below! πŸ™‚

– Malikah

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